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All activities are planned by the members who act as planners, convenors, presenters and/or hosts for study groups.

There are no mandatory activities. However members are expected to participate in at least one study group. Members are also encouraged to attend the open meetings held at the Elim Christian Centre, 625 Main Road Stoke each second month.

All members are encouraged to take a turn at generating, convening, and/or hosting group(s).

Groups function in a variety of ways. Most operate through each member taking a turn to research and present their findings to the other members. Some groups have a facilitator who has the skills and knowledge to teach a specific subject. Other groups learn together using the available resources. There are variations to this but all members are strongly encouraged to contribute what they can towards the learning within the group.

New groups and vacancies within existing groups are published in the bi-monthly newsletters and all groups are listed on the study group page.

The Committee is elected each year. Committee members meet once every two months and have the responsibility of organising the general meetings, managing finances and ensuring that members are kept well informed about the activities of the organisation. Each Committee member has a specific area of responsibility.

Groups usually meet in member’s home. This may limit the numbers who can attend. If there is a cost to hiring facilities, the costs are met by the members. If more members wish to join a popular group than can be accommodated, the uncatered-for members are encouraged to start a second group at a different venue with a second convenor.

Most meetings are held during daylight hours.

A Committee member acts as Study Group Coordinator who maintains oversight of all the groups, advertises groups, and keeps a record of member participation.  for study group enquiries, email [email protected] .  If you would like to start a group click on Guidelines for U3A Convenors .  We also have some media hardware and a library of DVDs – click on Assets and Resouces .  Help is always available from the Coordinator or any Committee member.




































Aspects of World History

Convenor: Paul Lunberg
4th Thurs 10.00, 411 Wakefield Quay

We enjoy watching DVDs of the history of particular places or persons. The videos are often of BBC serials and we may watch an episode at a time. Of course there is always some discussion concerning what we have just viewed.

Chess for Beginners

Convenor: Graeme Williams
72 Sanctuary Drive, @ 10 am, alternate Mondays

Largely for beginners, and priority will be given to beginners, but players with some experience are also welcome. You will be expected to mentor new players, as well as having opportunities to play other experienced opponents. This is very much a shared learning group.

Exploring Nelson Walking Group

Convenor: Rosalie Johnson Jocelyn Bell
Various 10-12am, weekly Thursdays

A regular walking group for those wanting to keep fit and get to know the Nelson area.

Each member of the group takes a turn to select an interesting route.

We walk for an hour or so at an intermediate level, then meet for a coffee at a local cafe.

Exploring the Development of Humankind

Convenor: Jenny Pullen
Fourth Monday of the month at 2pm in the homes of members of the group.

What are today’s greatest challenges and choices? The 21 lessons are aimed to stimulate further thinking and help readers participate in some of the major discussions of our time."

Facts, fakes and fortunes

Convenor: David Turner
2nd Wednesday 10.00 - 12.00, 6 Seville Place, Olive Estate

Content; from YouTube documentaries view and discuss art works that have been stolen,looted, forged, lost, recovered/rediscovered/returned.
There are many treasures world-wide which the group can discuss.

Great Britain

Convenor: Ngaire Birch
2nd Tuesday of the month, 10:00 to 12:00 starting 14 April.

This group will look at the history of Great Britain through architecture, language, customs, personalities etc over the centuries.

Great Discontinuity

Convenor: Brian Kepple
10am - noon. 1st and 3rd Fridays at 8 Austin Ward Heights, Enner Glynn

Viewing of selected documentary dvds with discussion about the environmental, energy, and economic crises facing the world, such as peak oil, global warming with climate change, overpopulation, and probable financial collapse.

iPad/iPhone Group

Convenor: Stuart Yank
2nd Tuesday 1.30 - 3.30 pm Pioneer Park clubrooms, Hastings St Nelson

For iPhone/iPad users. Come join us at Pioneer Park rooms Nelson for our very popular Interest Group
1.30pm - 3.30pm incl. refreshments during our break.
In our sessions we cover, as casually and as understandably as possible, the where to find, how to use. We continually remind all about IOS Updates and security
We have a Q & A session, and questions are encouraged and we are fortunate in having a brilliant team of subject presenters who tend to specialise in a particular area.

Maaori Studies Group

Convenor: Miriam Loretto
4th Tuesday 12.00 - 1.00 10 Cupola Crescent Richmond, starting Feb 13

This group will look at topics from Maaori history and culture – in both the old world (pre-european contact 3000BC - 1830) and te ao hou (the new world 1830 - today). Topics can be decided by the group and may include;

Some of the migration theories out of SE Asia and into the Pacific and then voyaging on to NZ, and some of the early Maaori settlements.
A look at some topics concerning Maaori society/culture, food gathering/hunting, gardening and medical knowledge - both old and new world that the group may be interested in.

Mahjong Beginners

Convenor: TBA

Mahjong Intermediate

Convenor: TBA


Convenor: David Turner
Second and fourth Fridays of the month, 9:45 - 12:30. At convenors' homes.

For opera lovers. DVDs of well-know opera performances will be shown and discussed.

Serious Discussions

Convenor: Liz Chinnery-jack-Bowyer
10.00 - noon, 1st Monday each month. 40 Ngawhatu Road, Stoke

A group for those who wish to spend time exercising their grey matter and exploring some of life's big issues.
This year we have covered
1.Liberal democracy as an appropriate political system for the 21st century
2. Information and news - sources and their accuracy
To come
Sexuality; Violence; Religion; Economics; Crime and Punishment; Population; Education; Racism; Morality...
Each members prepares a short statement setting out their understanding and views on the topic after which there is discussion and sometimes debate. Views may differ, debate can be fiery but no blows are exchanged


Convenor: Kay Hunter
Day, time and place to be decided but initially held at Kay Hunter’s home in The Wood.

The benefits of singing are too numerous to list. This group isn’t about learning how to sing or how to sight read music. It’s about singing popular songs together, learning some new ones that the kids are singing today, having fun, and letting it all hang out. No homework, no scores, no audition. Just a lyrics sheet and a catchy tune.

Te Reo 1

Convenor: Miriam Loretto
Fortnightly Mondays 1.00-2.00 pm 10 Cupola Crescent Richmond starting Feb 6

Te Reo 2

Convenor: Miriam Loretto
Fortnightly Wednesdays 1.00-2.00pm 10 Cupola Crescent starting Feb 8

TED Talks 1

Convenor: Max Robertson
15 Forget-me-not Lane, Richmond 2-4pm, first and third Mondays

Members of this group watch 20 minute, cogent, persuasive speeches from some of the world's great thinkers.

Each talk is followed by a discussion on the ideas that are introduced.

Members of the group take turns to select and present the talks.

The Private Lives of Scientists

Convenor: Paul Bieleski
2nd Thursday 10.00am 44B Parkers Road Nelson beginning in November

Members to take turns at presenting the story of scientists, doctors, and mathematicians taken from biographies followed by questions and analysis.
Bus routes 2 and 4 will get people here.

The Readers

Convenor: Hanne Bjorklund

A book or part of one, or someone’s personal writing would be read to a group of residents. A tea/coffee break and a bit more reading. No more than about an hour’s worth. The second part could be read from the reader’s own writing, or some other object of interest or more of the book. I would like the residents, if possible, to take an active part in shaping the format of the meetings.

The first book we will be reading from, will be The Banksia House Breakout by James Roxburgh. It was suggested by one of the Readers, and it is not only a fun book but also very appropriate.

Trivia Quiz

Convenor: Judy Pittman
Honest Lawyer, 3rd Tuesday @ 10.00am

A general knowledge quiz once a month at The Honest Lawyer, Monaco. It will be a sociable morning. As a condition of having free use of the Honest Lawyer’s side room we must purchase drinks and food. The scones are rumoured to be very good!

Wine Appreciation

Convenor: Drusilla Mason
11:00am on the third Wednesday of the month

A group for those who enjoy wine and are interested in how it is grown and made, and in what to look for when tasting a wine.

Visit wineries and discover what makes a wine look, smell and taste the way it does. Followed by lunch at a nearby cafe.

To get more details about any of these groups, please contact the SG Coordinator

Antiques, Vintage & Retro

Convenor: Judy Pittman
3rd Monday 2.00pm. Various venues.

Members will meet in various homes and discuss the antiques and curios that they have picked up over the years and the personal significance they may have.
The group will also go out and about visiting various places of historic interest.

Anything But Classical

Convenor: Roger Haynes
Nelson pm. first Tuesdays @ 2.00 pm./ Venue is shared amongst group members.

As the title implies, this is a group that wishes to explore all sorts of music, other than classical, which is already explored by another group.

We are a lively group who are passionate about music and its impact upon us. Our interests are wide ranging and nothing is excluded.

As source materials we use our own collections, the library and the internet to research various artists, genres and periods to increase our knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment.

Apple Mac Enthusiasts

Convenor: Roger Pittman
21 Ledbury Road, Atawhai, Nelson. 3rd Wednesday of the month, 3.00 to 5.00pm starting May 18th.

To share knowledge and information about the Apple Mac computer and its companion devices: the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Art and Artists

Convenor: Jill Dickinson
3rd Wednesday, 14.00 at 14 Jonathan Place, Richmond

The purpose of the group is to look at the family life, education, art style and working life of the artist. We will look at 2 artists each meeting with members looking at one of the former aspects of the artist's life.

Art Appreciation

Convenor: Drusilla Mason
10:00am on the first Wednesday of the month

A group for those interested in contemporary art, with a primary focus on local artists.

Visit galleries and artists’ studios to learn about creative processes and ideas that lie behind contemporary art practice.
With a cafe visit afterwards.

Birds of the Nelson Region 2

Convenor: Trevor Lewis
Second Monday of the month, in the morning. Time dependent on season.

We are all amateurs interested in getting out in the fresh air and observing birds found in our area in there natural habitat. Places to visit vary depending on the season or on suggestions from individual members if the group. It provides a great opportunity for photographers too. If the weather is bad on the day, we sometimes meet in a member's house to discuss birds, watch relevant videos on YouTube or view photographs.


Convenor: Sally Mason
Various venues am, first Fridays am

This group meets at members' homes where the host discusses the books that he/she have found memorable in his/her lives.

Creative Writing Group

Convenor: Les Cook
Alternate Wednesdays; 9 Valhalla Lane, Richmond at 10 am re starting January 26 2022

Short stories, 'Mega stories', essays, some poetry and even a book review feature as tasks throughout the year.

A task is set for each meeting, for example, 'Shades Of The Sea'. Members are free to explore the idea in any way they choose.

A word for the week and a writing style is also given for experimentation and inclusion in the writing.

We read our contributions to the group and expect feedback.

Digital Imagery Group

Convenor: Hans Everts
Last Friday of month, 1.30 at Olive Estate

Exploring Political Thinking

Convenor: Kay Hunter
Kay's place in The Wood, 1.30pm 3rd Wednesday

An exploration of differing political systems. We examine country by country, researching and presenting how each country elects their political leaders, discussing how the political landscape affects the people.

Finance and Investment

Convenor: Alec Waugh
Oakwoods, 4th Monday of the month, 9:45 - 11:45

Aims to increase understanding of topics as diverse as Inflation, Consumer Price Index, Bankruptcy, Taxation, Maori Economy.


Convenor: Sally Warren
85 Cleveland Tce., Nelson 10-12am, fourth Tuesdays

Free discussion of current events


Convenor: Gordon and Carol Suddaby
3rd Thursday of the month between 10.00 am and midday at 11 Hollybush Drive, Brightwater

To share knowledge and information about various galleries of the world. We would hope that some/most/all of the participants in the group will be able to share their experiences of having visited particular galleries as well as complementing their experience with the rich resources available online and from their own photographs. However, those who have not visited galleries, but who are interested in this group are also welcome to join.

Gardens Unlimited

Convenor: David Turner
1st Monday, 1.30. - 3.00. 6 Seville Place, Olive Estate, Richmond

Content; viewing and discussing notable gardens from around the world: e.g. Sissinghurst, Great Dixter, The Eden Project, Les Quatre Vents, the gardens of the Loire Valley, Italian gardens, Japanese gardens, the Mughal gardens of India. There are so many: group members will be encouraged to share their "garden" preferences.
Viewings will be from YouTube.

Genesis to Exodus

Convenor: David Wright
Enner Glyn: 2 + 4 Tuesdays, 2-4pm

Formation of the solar system/other known planetary systems, geological history of the Earth, Life on Earth, various extinctions + evolutionary leaps,current climate change and potential to mitigate it. xxx


Convenor: Alan Mathews
1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.

The Geology course is a series of practical hands-on sessions. A lot of rocks will be handled and examined, with the aim of understanding their make-up and what we can learn about the environments in which they were formed.
We will look at different types of geological structures, plate tectonics, classic NZ landforms, some Nelson and NZ geology, fossils and a local field trip if possible.

The content of the course is (wait for it) not fixed in stone. It can vary according to the specific interests of the group and may include a practical session on cleaning fossils for show, or a DVD on mass extinctions or the fate of the dinosaurs.

In short, it is not an academic study but rather one to get you thinking about our past environments.

Hands in the Garden

Convenor: Judy Pittman
Various venues am, second Wednesdays

A group for garden lovers and always lunch after a garden tour.

Visit gardens and nurseries and discover the secrets of gardening from those in the know.

Local Maori History

Convenor: Hilary Mitchell
3rd Monday, 10.00 - 12.00

Military History

Convenor: David Turner
Olive Estate Lifestyle Village, Richmond 10-12am, first and third Wednesdays

Military History from Ancient Egypt through to at least Vietnam.

Discussions under headings such as politics, personnel, material, strategy, tactics, successes, blunders and the overall effect on societies of the time.

There is a wealth of information online, both documentary and CGI and this is supplemented with literature, ie histories, biographies, autobiographies etc.

Musical renditions

Convenor: Kay Hunter
1st and 3rd Mondays 10.30pm

Rock, concerto, rap, R&B, medieval, jazz, requiem, are a few names plucked out of a very long list of musical genres.

If you are convinced that your musical taste is limited to a particular musical genre, this group is not for you.

But if your mind is open to exploring the wonderful world of music, then I’d love you to join me twice monthly, at my home in The Wood, at a time negotiable with the group.

If that’s you, and you have the time . . . .

Nightingale Reading Group

Convenor: Averil Kepple
Tahuna Library pm, second and fourth Mondays except Public Hols

Discussion of books by members who love reading at the Tahunanui Library.

Opera 2

Convenor: Steven Shaw
1st & 3rd Wednesday mornings 10-12 at 116 Queens Road Nelson, perhaps also at other venues as the group progresses

Watching a wide range of operas on DVD and online. Sharing opinions and appreciation of operas, looking into the history of the genre. Members will choose some of their favourite works and present them to other members

TED Talks 2

Convenor: Paul Lunberg
The group meets at the home of Paul Lunberg, 411 Wakefield Quay at 9.30 each 1st and 3rd Thursday

Viewing and discussion of presentations on various topics of interest from TED Talks on Youtube.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

WEA Book Discussion Group

Convenor: Frances Taylor
Various venues pm, first Mondays

A book discussion group that uses the WEA System.

NB: An annual membership subscription fee of $60 + postage to WEA applies to each member.

Write Your Life - 1

Convenor: Ian Macdougall
Villa 189 Summerset Village, Stoke, 2nd Wednesday @ 2pm

Creating a record of your life and times and sharing your writings with other members.

Write Your Life 7

Convenor: Angela Greig
1st Thurs, 2-4 pm at 381 Suffolk Rd Stoke